Writing Spaces

Productive habits, caffeine, a teeny bit of talent and imagination, and lots and lots of discipline, these are a big part of what it takes to write. A good way to develop said habits is by creating and practicing some simple rituals around your writing. Things like setting aside a regular writing time, making a […]

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Free PeeDee3

…what I really mean is that I’ve set the going rate for all the PeeDee3, season one stories to an astoundingly low, low retail cost of absolutely free.

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Attention People of Earth

             Greetings Earthlings. Welcome to RiFt’s Rants, the Blog of fiction writer Robert F. Thompson. Lets hope I’ll have something to share. For now I’ll kick back, enjoy a day outside, and let the stories do the talking. Man, I hope I see something cool, like a rock or something. If I do I’ll tell…honest.

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