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PeeDee3 is one big, bad, four-armed alien and he’s got an effervescent zest to kill…for a price. These are the miss-adventures of the universe’s most notorious intergalactic, insectiod assassin. His clients are absurd, his weapons are ridiculous, and his attitude is nothing but bug.

File under sci-fi noir comedy serial

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Jazz is a deferred species bond collector, which is a polite way of saying, Monster Hunter. She hunts them and whenever she can she destroys them. Her hatred for the orcs, goblins, trolls, and fairies that live side by side with humans on the magically conjoined planets called Mirth runs deep. But only Jazz knows why, how deep, and what she’s willing to do to express it.

A fast paced futuristic serial with a hint of noir and a lot of trouble.

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Bad kids get coal, really bad kids get a Visit From Naughty Claus! A tale of holiday woe told in verse. A new classic cautionary.

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