Writing Spaces

Productive habits, caffeine, a teeny bit of talent and imagination, and lots and lots of discipline, these are a big part of what it takes to write. A good way to develop said habits is by creating and practicing some simple rituals around your writing. Things like setting aside a regular writing time, making a […]

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Tea and Typing

I’m a writer and I don’t drink coffee—at all (“Not now, not ever!”) and that’s a potentially career ending combination, caffeine being one of the writer’s greatest friends (afraid that I don’t smoke or drink either). I do, however, drink tea, a lot of tea.

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Jumble Words, Crap Words, and this Writer’s Woe

  OK, so I’m going to let everyone in on a secret. Actually it’s only a secret to those who don’t know me personally. I’m a terrible speller. No, I mean like really terrible. I don’t even get close. I can really tax a spell-checker, push it to its limits to comprehend what word I’m even […]

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Less Inspiration, More Interruption

Steven King described the act of writing as more like archeology than imagination (rough draft, anyway). He says that stories are found things dug carefully and skillfully from the earth. The author slowly and methodically exposes a bit more and bit more of whatever it is that’s been discovered. Oftentimes you don’t know what you’ve […]

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Not a PeeDee3 Story

  I hope you didn’t cheer too loudly, I really do love the bug, but it’s time to get a few other worlds spinning.  Of Men and Mountains is not about alien insectiod assassins, it is about dreams, dreamers, the adventurers that dare, and the obstacles they face. Only this dream comes in the form […]

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