Strange Craft

“It’s not a bear.”


Sometimes destiny taps you on the shoulder or offers a gentle nudge—

well it’s about to hit J Parker with a 200-ton locomotive.


Jasmine, ‘J’, Parker’s old life ended the night her father vanished in the swamp. Now, one year later, she’s back home packing up her things, and her dreams of becoming a motocross champion, and starting over, leaving what was behind. But her past is about to come screaming back to haunt her, and if she doesn’t drop her fists and start running, she’ll be the next one to die.

 Strange Craft

 Volume I

 Stuffed and Mounted in Pleasentville

A new series coming soon from RyFT and Tricorner Publishing

J should never have boarded that train; it was an impossibility—an antique steam engine, in a swamp, in the middle of a terrible thunderstorm. Even if she could believe it, the last thing she’d consider doing was climbing aboard the unnerving apparition.

Too bad her impulsive sister, Sara, didn’t feel the same.

Now they’re trapped inside, struggling to understand what and where they are and how to get back off. When, at last, they encounter the train’s sole occupant, he turns out to be evasive, dangerous, and completely out of his mind. He also happens to bear a striking resemblance to the girls’ father, the one who died a year ago.

Unable to reconcile the stranger’s familiar countenance with his bizarre mannerisms and speech, and his utter denial at being their father, J deems it best to get off as quickly as possible.

But when the train at last stops, they all, stranger included, find themselves trapped in a small mountain town caught in a blizzard and a string of ghastly murders, ones where the victims end up mounted like hunting trophies. If J wants to keep off the ever-expanding list of victims, she’s going to have to solve the murders herself, even if the murder turns out to be the man she once called father, a man called Captain Strange.

Haunted Tales of a Long Forgotten Train