RyFT on Smashwords




Many of my books and stories are available as ebooks sold though Smashwords, a digital book distributor (www.Smashwords.com.) There’re lots of reasons why I like Smashwords, but there are some drawbacks to this service, primarily that there is another couple of steps involved when purchasing books through Smashwords versus the ‘one click’ instant delivery that some retailers, like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, offer. 

However, the steps are awfully simple and I will always endeavor to make the stories worth the small effort (and remember that you’re helping to support independent publishing, yeah!) This said, all of my novels and collections will be available though all of the major retailers, including the paperback versions (but you’re going to buy your paperbacks from Tricorner, right?). 

Here’s the steps: 

1. Create a Smashwords Account (It takes about three minutes, you only have to do this once, and it’s FREE!) 

2. Purchase your book(s) though Smashwords, then pick which version you need (Kindle, Nook, PDF, ect.) and download it into a file where you can find it (if downloading via a cell-phone, download it directly into your ebook reader’s folder) 

3. Attach your e-reader to your computer, then drag and drop your e-book file into your reader. 

4. Read and enjoy (and comment please, this helps) 


Simple, right? Well, simple enough. Please feel free to ask me questions, and I’m very open your comments and suggestions. 

Bonus! To thank you for taking the time to create your Smashwords account, I’m going to give each and everyone a FREE copy of, Gut Feeling, the first ever PeeDee3, everybody’s favorite intergalactic, insectiod assassin, story—yes, that’s 100% Free! Just go HERE, buy the book, then use coupon code AS62G at checkout and you’re charged absolutely nothing 

Coupon Code- AS62G  

Now I’ll let the experts speak: 

           Here’s the support page at Smashwords 

           Here’s a handy how-to video on transferring your e-book files