‘Tis the Naughty Claus Season


Naughty Claus Audio Story

Naughty Claus Audio Story

Okay, so now it’s just tradition. About this time every year I head up to the attic, dig out the Andrew Ely I keep in a box with a bunch of garland, tinsel, and five year old fruitcake, and I set him in front of a microphone just so he can expertly read you, A Visit From Naughty Claus, my dark and dreary tale of holiday woe.

It’s a tale in verse about one family’s troubled Christmas that is brought to a catastrophic conclusion, all because one little boy delighted at being on Santa’s naughty List. But as the saying goes, bad kids get coal; really bad kids get a visit from Naughty Claus.

So garner up your holiday spirit, pour yourself a peppermint hot chocolate, and cuddle up with the naughtiest kid you know for a listen. Aside from a few snickers for you, that petulant child might just have a major behavior improvement after the listen. Besides, it’s totally free.

I mean come on, Mr. Ely is sitting here waiting to read to you, and he doesn’t get his Christmas pudding with a sprig of holly in it until he does.

Happy Tallyho-Yo,

RyFT Brand

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One Response to “‘Tis the Naughty Claus Season”

  1. Kuzibah December 5, 2013 at 3:44 am #

    An annual tradition in our household! Thank you so much for posting it again.