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 So have you read any Piers Knight yet? How about Jack Hagee? How about Teddy London, or any of the Kolchak the Night Stalker novels and short stories? Have you read Blakeley and Boles? Well I’m betting that you’ve read some of these, and if not, you’re missing out. Get one of them, read it, and I’ll bet you’re back to buy more. What all of these stories have in common is their author, CJ Henderson.


I first met Mr. Henderson three years ago at the National Haunter’s Convention. We were both there selling books. The main difference between us was that one, he has real talent, two, years of experience, and three, people actually know who he is. And, for the brief moments our paths have crossed, he’s always taught me something, whether in his workshops or just in passing conversation. The man is an author’s author, meaning that he’s forgotten more about writing that most of us will ever know. I feel that I owe him a good deal of thanks, mostly because he’s the one who introduced me to my Editor, Danielle Alley-McPhail. Have you read any Bad Ass-Faeire Tales? Have you read Yesterday’s Dreams? Okay, I’m not going to put you through all of that again. Take it from me, she’s a great writer and a great editor, meaning she calls me out when I’m being stubborn about my work. Read her stuff too, you’ll thank me.



The thing that strikes me most about CJ Henderson is his truthfulness, not to say he doesn’t lie, I have no idea if he does or doesn’t, what I mean is that he’s a straight shooter, he tells it like he sees it. I was sitting in a workshop he was teaching, one that came shortly after Danielle had tattled to him that I had been less than diligent about getting some work back to her. In the middle of the workshop he said to me, “I recommend that you watch more television, drink a beer (actually I don’t drink), take a vacation, do anything but write—I don’t need the competition. But if you really want to write, get off your ass and write.”


See what I me, truthfulness. I respect that, especially when he’s right, and he was very right.


Now to the point, I just found out that Mr. Henderson has lymphoma. Contrary to common belief, and to what television and movies would have you think, most writers are not rich, in fact most hold other jobs because they have to. The margins in publishing just aren’t very high, not on the author’s end for sure. Most writers write because they are following their passion. Some very good folks have set up a fundraiser for CJ, and it’s as simple as can be to do, and even a very small donation can be of great benefit. Just click HERE, or on the link at the bottom of this post, click Donate, and you’re very nearly done. In fact here’s a little incentive, make a donation to Mr. Henderson’s fund in any amount, shoot me an email (be honest please) and I’ll send you the complete Jazz: Monster Collector, Season One collection for FREE! This is literally hot off the presses (meaning my hard drive) and won’t be available to the public, in its entirety until January. Just don’t forget to let me know what format you want it in.


 I know Danielle would write, Cliché, in a red marker in the margin, but this is for a good cause.


Tally-ho, yo.




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