Chapter “A RyFT Brand-Protest”

A RyFT Brand-Protest




Never saw this coming. At a recent appearance I was protested by an angry mob; assumedly over my lack of new material for my serials, PeeDee3: Intergalactic, Insectoid, Assassin, and Jazz: Monster Collector. It’s my own fault, I did leave the stories hanging in limbo (in PeeDee3’s case, literally) for many months now.

Imagine that, little ol’ me the center of a protest. Imagine—imagination—so very similar.

So I took some literary license here. There wasn’t so much as a mob as there’d been a crowd—that is if one guy constitutes a crowd. And I wasn’t at an appearance so much as I was at another site for my bothersome day job. And, as long as I’m all up in confession mode here, the crowd of one protester was a guy that I work with who I’m fairly certain has never read a single story I’ve written.

Still, the attention felt nice. Might be cool to be protested; sounds like good advertizing.

According to his signs, he wasn’t even upset about my lack of recent published work, he was complaining about my plot and story abilities despite the fact that he hadn’t read my stuff. Apparently he’d heard from someone else about my poor plots and storylines. Still, he felt compelled to complain. I suppose that shows some interest.

A nurse working at the site asked what the signs were, and I happily explained thinking she might then be interested enough to pick up a free story, read it, love it, start sharing it with friends who would share it with friends and start a whole download flurry.

She wasn’t interested.

So where the heck are those last PeeDee3 and Jazz stories to wrap up their respective season one’s? Protest sign

They’re coming…I promise.

I have been working. I’m busily editing my new novel, first in a trilogy. But the work’s going slow (my editor has the patience of a saint). I am excited about this book, I think it’s going to be grand.

In the meantime, Jazz is all written. The last three stories just need editing. They will be out very soon, and PeeDee3 will quickly follow. I’ll have more information about the new novel posted here soon as well.

Maybe I should talk to that guy from work, see if he’s interested in organizing protests everywhere I work. He could become a professional protester, kind of like a profession mourner but who makes a scene everywhere a virtually unknown writer appears somewhere.

In all fairnesss, my storylines are unreal and my plotting–trully unfair. I think I’ll join him.

PD3_with Sign



2 Responses to “A RyFT Brand-Protest”

  1. Pen Is Bandit March 29, 2013 at 1:42 am #

    This guy seems like some tool bag that’s just afraid to read a book once and awhile . The way he hold his signs show me he’s hiding deep dark secrets . He must have a fear of books that’s he must read to get out of the world he is stuck in , worrying he will have to take one more ride to Penn Way on the special bus to another school. Yes , I think I’ve have found it ,wait or could he just be in disguise as a person with a magic marker that he just can’t control. He might only just be ? The man in the mirror. Yes? Is it someone we all are searching for ? Or is it just me, just someone trying to figure out we’re Human life went wrong for the human people. Signed?

  2. RyFT March 29, 2013 at 10:45 pm #

    By “Tool Bag” I assume you mean that he has a screwdriver and a pair of plyers in his pockets. And yes! Yes! Reading a book…one of my books…would be exactly the right way for this energetic young fellow to go. But only because it’s almost as much fun as a sentient magic marker. Besides, the short bus wasn’t so bad.