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Naughty Claus



Naughty Claus is coming to the Kindle Virtual Library. Oh yeah, it’s true. But hey, you don’t have to worry because you’re really, really good all the time, right? And the post Christmas imp isn’t coming alone; he’s bringing a brief author’s commentary and a brand new short story with him.

Who’s Naughty Claus? What?

A Visit from Naughty Claus is a poem, fashioned in the style of A Visit from St. Nicholas (“Twas the Night Before Christmas) by Clemet C Moore. But Naughty Claus is anything but a right jolly old elf, he’s more of a right smelly, mean imp. Better then going on here, I’m going to give you a copy as a holiday present because I am so generous. Click the link at the bottom of this page and grab (grab meaning download) a copy for your very own. Do it soon because as of December the thirty-first, I’m taking the imp down until next season.

But what about that library thing? (I don’t know who’s asking these questions, I’m the only human in the room)

OK, so, as long as you have a Kindle, you’ll still be able to borrow Naughty Claus during the off season through Amazon’s free lending service, (sound the trumpets) The Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. Again, link at the bottom.

I’m pretty excited about this opportunity, but I’m a little nervous because there’s this exclusivity clause (no pun intended, that would be naughty) for being included in the system. The benefits for me include an opportunity to expand my audience, and I can get a little piece of a big pie (money) that Amazon is offering participating authors. The downside is that I’m worried about cheating my audience members that don’t own kindle devises.

So here’s what I’m proposing as an experiment. I’m going to, as time strolls by, offer some stories and special editions in the Kindle Lending Library. But, each and every time that I do, I’ll also offer something exclusive to you, for a limited time, absolutely for free. We’ll see how it works.

What I’ve done with Naughty Clause is written a short, author’s commentary to go along with the poem. I’ve also included an ‘only available here’ story featuring Naughty Claus titled, The Parting Season. The story poses the question, what if there was a system of law enforcement higher than human authority? And what if that authority took mythical forms? If you have a Kindle please borrow it, read it, and let me know what you thought of it.

For those that don’t own a kindle, then grab your free copy right now. I mean it, I’ll wait.

More great stuff coming soon. For now I wish the happiest of holidays to one and all…well, to those who have been good. To the naughty of you, I’ve said good day, sir.

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